Monday, September 15, 2014

Grapevine DFW Airport


Well that sorta worked, testing different ways to post on Blogger
Normally I finish this route with a 17-17.5 average, for some reason, maybe because it was only 75 degrees, it ended up quite a bit faster. I hope that's a good omen...

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hotter Than Hell 2014 Pictures

These were taken by the event organizers, can't remember having that many photographers out in previous HHH rides. You end up paying out the nose but this time it seemed worth it. Pretty good ride wearing my favorite convict jersey, I always get a ton of "Jailbreak!" comments during the ride.




Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hotter Than Hell 2014

Last 3 times doing the HHH I went for the full 100 miles, this time it was the 75 mile route which has a neat section going through Sheppard Air Force Base. Felt pretty good the entire ride even with a stronger than normal south west wind. Rider count looked to be down this year, didn't notice the same enthusiasm, not sure why

1/2 Zachary for a splash n go at the 60 mile mark

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Midwest Recumbent Rally 2014

Stevens Point Wisconsin is usually a time to recharge and get more miles than I would normally get in the Texas heat, this year is no exception, felt fast and had a damn good time. Might be ready for the fall

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Katy Flatland Century (100K) 2014

Lately I've been in this bizarre mental funk, sometimes it's easier just to stay in bed than get up, load the bike and drive to wherever and instead think "I'll do 4 laps around White Rock Lake instead" or "I'll ride tomorrow". The downside to this strategy is I gain weight, don't push myself and have to play catch up later when some really good rides happen. This is why I haven't done many event rides this summer. I end up wondering if I can still do a decent average. Had the same thing happen 2012 and 2013. When I do get out and finally do one I've always found I'm in good shape and can do a fairly fast ride like this one.

The Houston area has a lot of rides early in the year, then it tapers off in the late spring then picks up in the early fall.  the reason for this is the high humidity and intense heat in south Texas but since the temperature has been below average the last few days I figured I'd give this one a go especially since I missed the Katy Ram Challenge earlier this year which had a similar route.

Started out a little odd with a very early open start (go when you feel like it) but with the 1500+ riders it was for the better as the start didn't have a lot of room for that many bikes. Fun part was I finished at 9:40 instead of 11:00 - 11:30.

The Katy area is about as flat as you can get and the exception of a short 5 mile stretch the roads were very good. I thought about doing the full 100 mile route but knew the heat would be picking up as the morning went on so I did the 100k instead. To give you an idea of the heat about halfway home I checked out the temperature in Katy and it was 95 degrees with a 123 heat index...yech

Note: Since I started doing these rides back in 2007 I've rarely done the full route without stopping at at least one rest stop however after noticing that Zak, my riding friend from last year, rarely ever stopped I thought I'd make that my goal as well and so far this year after 15 rides I've only stopped once (emergency nature call).and in his honor award myself "Zackary Points".

No stop                                        = Full Zackary
Splash and Go (fluid refill, no rest)  = 1/2 Zackary
Stop and rest                                = No Zackary

Sounds goofy but believe it or not it works and I end up finishing in less time than previous rides where my average was faster.

Not sure why but the video has more wind noise than normal

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Waxahachie Cow Creek Classic Additional Stuff

If there was one really good thing that came out of that ride its this picture...

My favorite cow pattern jersey and bibs from SprintDesign Australia
Giro Air Attack with Shield, best helmet I've ever owned
Specialized shoes, best I've ever owned

Life ain't bad

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waxahachie Cow Creek Classic 2014

Last time I did this in 2011 I swore I'd never do it again, many of the roads are full of lovely north Texas chip seal and not a lot of fun. Since I've missed a lot of decent rides in the last few months I figured I'd give it another shot.

Semi-crappy weather with a stiff south wind, even got a spot of rain along the way. Didn't stop at all and felt pretty good at the end, just need to work on the speed.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

McKinney TX Collin Classic

This is the 6th time I've done the Collin Classic and it just gets longer and hillier than the previous time, started out as a fast 52 miler back in 2008 and now its almost 68. 

Not as fast as previous outings but didn't stop and felt good the entire ride

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White Rock Ride of Silence....NOT!

Tonight was the annual Ride of Silence where all over the world people get together and ride quietly very slowly in remembrance of riders who've been killed by cars over the year. Ours is a 9 mile lap around White Rock Lake.

I never participate because I personally think symbolic rides like this serve no purpose other than to make the people riding it feel better however I do like to go to White Rock and ride like mad to pass or avoid the mass of other riders. And of course I dress for the occasion...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Richardson Wild Ride 2014

This is the 4th time I've done this ride, it's usually fairly fast although this time I just wasn't into it, finished 52 miles with an 18 average. Hopefully do better next weekend

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Schlumberger Education Expedition 2014

The name of the ride sounds a bit corny but it's an excellent and fast ride south of Houston, this is the 3rd time I've done it and every time end with a 21+ average since it's extremely flat. Felt very strong the entire way even with a little rain on the south section..

Hadn't met the guy on the Velokraft VK2 before and he hung with me quite a while, I like it when other fast recumbent riders are around (since it's very rare) and hope to ride with him again in the near future.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Huntsville Raven's Revenge 2014

This is a good ride in Huntsville Texas about 40 miles north of Houston. Some hills with mostly good roads. Temperatures in the mid 50's with some minor showers. A number of good riders kept me occupied most of the way. It's the 3rd time I've done it and it's a great workout.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Montgomery Great Plane Ride

I did this back in 2010 and for various stupid reasons (weather, cold etc) couldn't do it again until now, it's a pretty good ride through the Sam Houston Forest with some hills on that west finger out to Anderson.

This time it was wet, I normally don't ride in the rain but I've been wanting to do this one so bad it didn't matter. Ride started with wet roads and some mild drizzle, about halfway it started to rain then let up the last 3rd of the ride. Weather went to shit after I finished, hopefully the stragglers didn't have problems.

Not very fast since I didn't feel like wrecking again on the wet roads but still a fun ride and the first 100K+ ride of the year. Something about riding through forests always seems easier, maybe it's the extra oxygen?

My Houston friend Zak has infected me with the "Don't do rest stops" disease and like all the other rides this year I rode the entire ride straight through, might have finished 1st on the long route but you never can tell. They sponsor another at the end of the year, hopefully it'll be dry and I'll be faster

Baytown Gator Ride 2014

I've done this ride 4 times now and it's always has the potential of being a difficult ride, the first time went fine, 2nd had a flat at the beginning then a strong north headwind, 3rd time was the coldest event ride I've ever done mixed in with another strong north headwind. This time it was good temperatures with a moderate south headwind.

At the 10 mile point there's a ferry you  take and if you don't make it with the first group you get delayed for 15-20 minutes. It didn't help that I caught a rut and went down after less than a mile (3:30 into the video) but no real harm done other than a bruise and some shredded shorts which unfortunately was part of my favorite convict outfit. Still made it to the ferry with the first group where someone told me my butt was showing :)

Spent the north section dicing with the front pace group until they pulled into the 3rd rest stop. Even with the south wind that section wasn't bad (at least for me, seemed to bother a lot of other riders) and I "think" I beat everyone on the long route. Didn't stop and felt pretty good the entire ride.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Katy Spring Breakaway 2014

Katy has two rides using this exact route, the Spring Breakaway in the winter and Tour De Donut in November, If you read the Tour De Donut post last year you know I have a love/hate relationship with this one, it's always very fast from Katy through Fulshear close to Wallis, then it's a chip-seal run north to San Felipe then a run over the "hump" back to Brookshire and back to Katy.

I used to hate the chip-seal section but it's really not that bad and I don't lose much speed on it, turns out the real sucky part for some odd reason is over the hump to Brookshire. It always seems like I start running out of gas during that section. Last year's Breakaway was no different and it was a struggle to finish with a 20 mph average. It always wears me out

Today that was not the case, lots of fog and damp roads didn't slow me down at all (helped to have almost no wind) and it was fast all the way 

At least until I got to Pattison, see they have one stop sign and to get around traffic I violated my "Never ride on the shoulder" rule and went down in some gravel, no harm done other than a bruised elbow and hip (why do I always fall on the rebuilt hip???) and it sure didn't slow me down. Felt great at the end which as far as I can remember has NEVER happened at this ride.

To me the mark of a great ride is when you're driving home and find yourself smiling thinking about it over and over and over. Yet when the Tour De Donut comes along in November I'll be wondering why I want to do it again.